adam mast

Adam’s too young to have a good bio. He likes cars with tinted windows, boomin’ systems and rims 20” or bigger.  He’s young, but his fades are clean and he’s a hard worker.  He impressed Slim by making it through barber school while only missing one day of class. And he missed that day of course, to go to the dub show.

adam cutting

Adam grew up in Crystal Lake and has been a valuable asset to Slim's. He is constantly hustling to get more customers. Adam is a regular everywhere you've been to in the Northwest suburbs. If you see him, he will probably have a stack of business cards in hand. He is an excellent barber and is always learning new techniques to become even better. Worrisome to Slim is that Adam has begun to pilfer some of his regulars.

Adam works Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s, Thursday’s, Friday's and Saturday’s at Slim's.

Little known facts about Adam

  • He’s always looking for more employment.
  • He is much like Slim because he started cutting hair as a teenager and his brother went to school to be a pilot.
  • He doesn’t like Chicago sports teams except for the White Sox.
  • He thinks almost asking for a girl’s phone number is just like getting the girl’s phone number.
  • He does not smoke weed. Really. (Some people assume he does).
  • He’s never been arrested...yet.
  • He used to work at Lake in the Hills Airport.
  • There are some times during the day when he is not cutting hair or outside smoking cigarettes.

Adam's Top 10 Lists...


Adam's Top 10 Musical Artists

  • 1. Drake
  • 2. Lil' Wayne
  • 3. Wiz Khalifa
  • 4. Waka Flocka Flame
  • 5. Ludacris
  • 6. Twista
  • 7. Linkin Park
  • 8. Blink 182
  • 9. Skrillex
  • 10. Deadmau5

Adam's Top 10 Movies

  • 1. Next Friday
  • 2. Grown Ups
  • 3. Billy Madison
  • 4. Fast and Furious
  • 5. Alpha Dog
  • 6. Friday
  • 7. Friday After Next
  • 8. Goldmember
  • 9. Christmas Vacation
  • 10. Austin Powers