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Art Provencio is the most experienced barber on staff at Slim’s. He started barbering in Tucson, AZ. After cutting for 22 years in Tucson, Art moved to the San Diego area in 1976 and was a barber in Escondido, CA from that time until the summer of 2008. He and his wife moved to IL-wait, what? Someone retires from southern California and moves to Chicagoland? Yes. Art’s first winter was an eventful one with his first experience of driving on black ice and having to use a windshield defogger.

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Art enjoys playing cards and watching westerns. He is in tune with sports and despite living in SoCal for so long, didn’t mind rooting against the Lakers with Slim. Being a barber during the time of the barber union and being a certified Master Barber, Art is comfortable cutting any type of hair in any style. He’s proficient cutting hair with scissors, clippers and straight razors.

Here is a link to an article about Art’s shop in Escondido closing down last summer...

Art works Monday, Wednesday and Thursday's at Slim's.

Little known facts about Art

  • Every fact about Art is little known because he rarely speaks.
  • He buys donuts at Country Donuts every Wednesday.
  • He goes out for dinner every Friday.
  • Claims when he was younger, his only 2 downfalls were slow horses and fast women.
  • He is bilingual.
  • He’s had 4 knee replacements.