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Dean Manian has been a barber since getting his license in the great state of Wisconsin in 1993. He’s worked in a few shops since then. Dean is the barber shop’s working man. In addition to cutting hair at Slim's, Dean also works as a customer service agent at Wal-Mart. It is evident from the jobs that he works that he likes to help people. If you see him and he doesn’t know how he knows you, don’t be offended. Just be glad he recognizes you.

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Dean loves fishing and being outdoors in general. His favorite vacation spot is in Manitowish Waters, WI. If he could find 3 jobs up there, he would probably move... He collects antique boat motors, shaving brushes, shaving cups, and taxidermy. There's a funny story about a lobster dinner that came from Dean trying to teach himself to become a taxidermist. Dean’s favorite hairstyle to cut is the flat top.

Dean can dish it as well as he can take it. Every day Dean is a good sport as Slim rips on him. He occasionally gets Slim with a good comeback, kinda of like when Spider told Tommy to go... ah, you know what Spider told Tommy to do...

Last, but most importantly... Dean is the only barber at Slim's who gives hot shaves.

Little known facts about Dean

  • Dean smokes a tobacco pipe and cigars, but not cigarettes.
  • Dean is left handed, and bought his clippers at Flander’s Leftorium.
  • He once hit a stand up triple off of Fidel Castro.
  • Actually, Dean doesn’t know what a stand up triple is.
  • He has never been to Wrigley Field.
  • He refers to Scottie Pippen as “that guy who played with Michael Jordan.”
  • He sold his Vino scooter.
  • His favorite channel is TV Land, his favorite TV show is Andy Griffith.
  • His pinky ring was made for another man’s thumb.
  • He is Italian... oh wait, that’s hardly a little known fact. If you’ve spoken with Dean for more than 8 seconds then you know he’s Italian... because he's told you 4 times already.

Dean's Top 10 Lists...


Dean's Top 10 Things To Do at the Shop

  • 1. Sleep
  • 2. Text
  • 3. Talk on the phone.
  • 4. Talk about how much better his other 3 jobs are.
  • 5. Be nosey.
  • 6. Complain about money after showing up late.
  • 7. Joke around.
  • 8. Walk outside to talk to someone who doesn't
    want to talk to him.
  • 9. Get rice pudding from Cafe Olympic.
  • 10. Cut hair.

Dean's Top 10 Movies

  • 1. Goodfellas
  • 2. O Brother, Where Art Thou?
  • 3. The Man Who Wasn’t There
  • 4. Sling Blade
  • 5. The One About the Thing With That One Guy
  • 6. The One With that Guy Who Was in
    That Other Movie
  • 7. The One When that Guy Did That Thing
  • 8. You Know the Movie I’m Talking About
  • 9. The One About the Fire With Ron Howard
  • 10. Stripes