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As with flat tops and most short styles, with a fade, you have a great fade or it’s no good. Slim learned to fade while a teenager. He used nearly the same technique for fading as his father-in-law Jun, but just wasn’t as good as he was... Slim had never seen fades so perfect before working for Jun, he didn’t even think it was possible. But after several months of working alongside Jun, Slim became excellent with fades. The bald fade is definitely the hardest thing to master in all of hairstyling or barbering. And when done perfectly, it is truly a beautiful thing. Slim can fade people of any background, so to all the potential African American customers, the answer to your first question is, “Yes.”

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With flat tops, you can either have a great one, or it’s no good. Slim learned his flat top technique from Jun at Model Barber Shop where at least half of the customers get flat tops. There are many variations to a flat top. Some people get a boxed flat top, where the top of a head resembles the top of a cube. Most head shapes and hair textures cannot support a boxed flat top. Most flat tops are only flat from the middle of the top of the head to the front hairline. The sides can be rounded or tapered in slightly toward the middle or can go straight up from the side. Almost everyone gets the rear corners curved. Most people agree that having the back corners and the back of the crown curved makes the hair grow out nicer. Boxed back corners usually look sloppy if they are not styled perfectly and most men are not able or willing to style the back of their flat tops.

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The Marine’s. What can you say about their hair? Chances are if you are a Marine and you get cut on the base, it’s out of convenience or you don’t care what you look like. To quote Jun, Slim’s father in law and former El Toro Marine base barber, “When you are working on the base, you have to be fast. About 2 minutes. It doesn’t have to look real good though-unless it’s an officer. HA!” Whether it’s low, medium or high Marine regulation haircuts, we've got you covered. The Marine regulation haircuts are another example of what Slim learned while working for Jun at Model Barber Shop.

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The clientele of each of these 2 styles usually differ greatly. But since they do have the same principles, they are both on the same page. The mohawk is an unforgiving cut that really can look professionally done or it can look really bad. At Slim’s our mohawks are straight and cut even. Fauxhawks can be done in a variety of ways. The sides can be almost any length. You can have the long part in the middle go all the way from the front hairline to the back of the neck or you can have it faded down to match the rest of the hair along the way.

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You’ve seen one on Elvis, Desi Arnaz, tons of greasers and rockabilly kids. This is one of our favorite styles to cut. They were in style when Art started barbering and have never really gone away. It does seem that the pompadour has made a comeback in pop society in recent years. Many people have taken to a different version of the pompadour in which the sides are completely shaved and the top is more of a very exaggerated flat top. This style is sometimes called a “psychopomp” even though some people who wear it do not like this term.

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Some people assume that a barber who specializes in fades and flat tops cannot cut regular haircuts. At Slim’s we pride ourselves on having a versatile shop. If you want a business tapered cut or a medium length cut with the neck blocked, we can do that. If you want a cut with one half inch of hair on the side and a messy spiked top, we can do that too. If you want a Caesar cut, we can also do that. If you have one dollar and you want 11 nickels, 1 quarter and 2 dimes, we can do that, but it’s not our specialty, so go to a bank.

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The term taper can mean different things to different people. Most commonly, a taper is referring to a person’s nape having no definitive line at the base. Hence, the neck is not boxed, squared or rounded off, but it tapers as a natural hairline would from the skin to hair. In many barber shop’s taper refers to a specific hairstyle. Some people will ask for a “business taper” which is a conservative haircut with the sideburns clipped closely and the back of the neck tapered rather than squared. Some people refer to a taper as a hairstyle where the sideburns are completely gone or with a little bit of stubble with a sharp drastic fade to a specific length around the temple. The length at the temple is nearly as long as the hair on top of the head. The last example of a taper is often referred to as a Natural or Blowout or Brooklyn Blowout. For pictures of this cut, please refer to our blowout page.

The Blowout is possibly Slim’s most hated cut. Scott doesn’t do them. It’s a very difficult cut because the barber must blend the hair in a very small and usually flat area. It’s always easier to blend the hair on a rounded area of the head. Even though it’s Slim’s most hated cut, he loves to do them. After all this time, it’s still a challenge for him. Please sit up straight though while he does the back of your neck cuz he’s almost 6’6” and doesn’t enjoy crouching to look at the fade. And if he has to bend to the side, it’s possible for the fade on the neck to tilt the way he is bent.