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Many of you may not know this, but Slim had a side business in video production. It’s only natural that he makes videos in the shop. You can join the legions of Youtube Slim the Barber fans by clicking this link. Who knows? Maybe the next time you’re getting coiffed, you’ll end up an internet sensation like those Filipino prisoners dancing to “Thriller” or the monkey that pees in his own mouth or the Star Wars kid. Slim is constantly adding new videos so subscribe to his channel to keep up with them.

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The biggest waste of time in your day can now become an even bigger waste of time by “Liking” the Slim’s Barber Shop Facebook page. On the page we can immediately upload a picture of Dean sleeping or a video of Adam freaking out over a dead bug. We also update any news of absent barbers on our wall. You can comment (no swearing please) on all of our pictures, videos or even the ocassional short anecdote. If Slim knew what an RSS feed was, you might be able to access that from this page too. Who knows? Maybe you can already!

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Slim originally thought Twitter was a huge suckfest of suckiness. But once he signed up, he started to think about all the cool things he could immediately upload to the twits and tweets. Mostly just pictures of funny things that may be happening at that moment or of the many beautiful women that walk by the shop (once again, if we ever have the nerve to ask one of them for a photo). So check it out. You might think it’s as rad as Cru Jones on Hell Track.

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Slim’s Barber Shop is a great place to go for haircuts. We also hope it is a great place to go to have a good time.  We are not comedians, performers, public speakers, interior decorators or models. But we do have a good deal of pictures taken of the barbers, the decorations, and truly random and unique situations. So we will post the pictures on the blog and Twitter. But once the blog is blogged and the twits have been tweeted, you will forever be able to see what makes our world go around when no customers are in the chairs.

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Blogging, or maybe it’s pronounced byogging, Slim’s not sure, it might be a soft “L”.  The Barber’s Blog could contain anything. It may contain news about the barbers.  We may recap some of the most interesting conversations in the shop that week, or talk about hairstyles (good or bad), Dean’s other jobs, or Art getting used to cold weather. We will post pictures of what’s happening at the shop.  Hopefully if any of you read it, you will be entertained.

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Slim's has a great, diverse group of customers who come into the shop. A couple things they have in common are they like good haircuts and spreading the word about Slim’s Barber Shop. A few customers who bought Slim’s shirts wore them on vacation or on unique journeys. To prove it, they took pictures. Slim loved it and decided to show the pictures off. Check out the Marine scuba diving off the coast of Japan with the shirt over his wet suit and the WWII B-17 bombardier wearing one standing next to a bomb!