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  • We are in the group who can open for business in Phase 3. Please check Illinois's status for the dates of each phase as it is out of our control.
  • Thank you to all the people who have reached out in asking how to support us during this quarantine time. We have set up a Shopify store where you can purchase prepaid haircuts and t-shirts. We also have fundraising T-Shirts for Greg. All profits for those shirts will be given to him to help out with his finances... and a special thanks to Tom Begley for listening to my idea for Greg's shirts and making the design.
  • For all of those who have asked, I am not cutting hair at my house or anyone else's house. But I am working from home. The following video explains everything...



Slim's is getting into the t-shirt game... we've been doing limited runs on different shop and barberin'-related designs for years now but always ran into problems staying in stock with all the different sizes... but now we're partnering with T-Shirts for Humans who appear to have that problem figured out... so here comes the inaugural design, "99 Problems But My Fade Ain't One"... C'mon... how clever is that? BUY ONE TODAY, you're the coolest cat in the room tonight... not only that but you'd be helping us to get this juggernaut off the ground and we'd be mighty thankful...


Slimís Barber Shop is a full-service shop specializing in Fades, Flat Tops, Mohawks, Pomps, Tapers and Blowouts. We can conform to any specific military regulations and handle any sort of regular cut as well.

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Kevin Slimko aka, Slim the Barber, opened Slimís Barber Shop on June 24, 2005 in a near-century old building in Downtown Crystal Lake. He started out with chairs he got for free from his father in law, Jun Lagatuz. The back bars (barber stations) were inherited from his sister in law, Mariefel Westa when she installed new back bars at Mitchell Christopher salon in Wheaton, Illinois.

Growing up in nearby Algonquin, he realized that Crystal Lake had the most any downtown suburb in the area had to offer. There is plenty of foot traffic thanks to other successful businesses on Woodstock Street. The Metra Station is directly across the street from Slimís. The downtown area also boasts some fine eateries with a great variety of foods.

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Slimís has steadily grown from day one, thanks to word of mouth from happy customers. At Slimís, you can bet youíll find a barber you like and the cut you want. We pride ourselves on our diverse workers and clientele. Youíll feel at home no matter your age, race, job, car you drive or the shoes you wear. Weíll cut anything from fades and flat tops to business cuts, mohawks and pompadours. All menís haircuts can be finished with hot lather and a straight edge shave around the the back of the neck and sideburns.

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Speaking of straight edge razors. Dean, from Slimís, is proud to be the only barber in the area who currently offers old fashioned hot shaves. You can lay back in the chair with a hot towel on your face while Dean gets the lather ready on a badger hair brush. And then be perfectly relaxed while he gives you a really close shave. Dean gives shaves on Friday and Saturday.

Slimís takes appointments, just give us a call at (815) 444-9190 and we'll negotiate a time as close to when you want to come as possible.


We are happy to offer an old time barber shop atmosphere with the ability to keep up with current trends. We have vintage aftershaves and hair tonics, and contemporary hair products. We have near-century old chairs and a Facebook Fan Page. Slim has gained notoriety in the barber field by having a very popular YouTube site site with videos that have been viewed over a million times.

Slimís is currently staffed by 3 barbers; Kevin Slimko, Adam Wolanik and Dean Manian. Check the column to the right over to the right to see what days your favorite barber is in the shop.