Slim’s Barber Shop is a full-service shop specializing in Fades, Flat Tops, Mohawks, Pomps, Tapers and Blowouts. We can conform to any specific military regulations and handle any sort of regular cut as well.

Kevin Slimko aka Slim the Barber opened Slim's Barber Shop in 2005. It would be the last of his business ventures successful or not. He'd previously tried a dog grooming business, a pet store that specialized in worms and a big pharmaceutical company. Turns out you need training or education in any of these fields to be successful. So he went to cosmetology school (and later barber school) and most importantly worked for an expert in fading and flat tops on the north side of Chicago for 5 years.

Here we are years later and Slim has a multi-hundred-dollar enterprise in Slim's Barber Shop. Throughout the years, Slim's has been blessed with great customers and low turnover in terms of working barbers. Currently, Dean aka The Bakala, aka Bobby B., aka The Dried Cod Fish, etc. has been with Slim's since 2009. Greg stopped touring with his band to sling fades in 2014. Ace and Mick, aka The Calamari King have each been with Slim's since 2020. Adam, aka Chauncey was with Slim's since 2010 and recently moved to Arizona. He is currently working at Nico's Barber Shop in Mesa, AZ.

Ball. Was. Life.

For Slim, basketball spans generations.
Painstakingly edited and assembled, stream the finished documentary here.

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Tallest barber in the county. Cuts anything. Loves basketball, comedy and food. Recovering shoe addict. He remembers himself being better at basketball than he really was.

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Kevin Slimko
Slim's Hours

Monday : 8-4
Tuesday : 9-4
Wednesday : 8-5
Thursday 12-8
Friday : 9-6

Sharpest dresser in the shop. Cuts anything. Loves music, basketball, hipster stuff and food. Gives people the fashions. Toured as a musician before cutting hair.

Please book Greg on the
hour or half hour.
Gregory Robert
Greg's's Hours

Monday : 1-8
Tuesday : 11-5
Wednesday : 11-6
Thursday 11-6
Friday : 9-6

Looks like the guy in the trunk in Goodfellas. Cuts nice traditional haircuts. No line ups. Loves baseball, cooking and answering his phone instead of staring at it until it stops ringing so he can text you back.

Mick Cicirello
Mick's Hours

Wednesday : 10:30-4
Thursday 10:30-4

Picture of health. Devoted north woodsman. Tries to stay away from cutting line ups and difficult fades. Loves the Amish and Native Americans.
Dean Manian
Dean's Hours

Monday : 4-7
Tuesday : 4-8
Thursday : 3-8
Friday : 9-6

Loves the drums, snowboarding and gainz.

Now cutting at The Den Barbershop in Dana Point, CA
Ace Aclaro
Distinguished Alumni


The former hardest working barber in the shop, the logistics manager, aka Chauncey 20lbs Hands. Wanted to raise his son in the heat because that's what he's gonna bring. Favorite NPR Tiny Desk Concert: SsingSsing.

Now cutting at Nico's Barber Shop in Mesa, AZ
Adam 'Chauncey' Wolanik
Distinguished Alumni


Looks like the guy in Goodfellas who shoved the other guy in the trunk. Can cook you a beautiful plate of fish with some tasty veggies. Knows almost as much about motorcycles as Dean knows about semi-trucks.

Now cutting at Levi Lyman Barber Co. in Bryant, AZ
Mike Pascolla
Distinguished Alumni


Professional Santa Claus impersonator. Absolutely no filter whatsoever when speaking a thought that just entered his head. Coulda played Iceman in the Top Gun Maverick if Val Kilmer became too ill.

Now cutting at Strack's Barber Shop in Algonquin, IL
Scott Strack
Distinguished Alumni


Top Cuts in the Midwest.

$25 & Up.

Barbershop. Culture. Coast-to-Coast.

Slim teams with the Holy Black to pump the Tangerine Creeper in the home of De La Soul.

At Slim’s Barber Shop we're often asked about this or that type of cut... As we always aim to please, we thought it might be a good idea to throw up a quick glossary of the mastery you can have perpetrated on your dome here at Slim's...
1 > A hairstyle that is extended out from one’s head sometimes using a blowdryer or a pick to appear as a giant sphere. synonym afro 2 > A hairstyle that is shaped nearly into a sphere with the back of the neck and below the temple tapered down near or to the skin. synonyms brooklyn blowout, brooklyn fade, taper, temple taper, tape.
A cut in which the barber puts a bowl on the top of the head and cuts everything lower than the lip edge of the bowl.
A conservative haircut suitable for a businessman. Usually parted on one side with the side neither very long or very short.
A very short haircut clipped to same length or to appear as the same length around the entire scalp. variations burr cut: a buzz cut to a #1 (1/8 of an inch) or less.
A hairstyle that is completely combed forward on top as if to resemble Julius Caesar. Sometimes it will be worn with a straight line on the bangs. variations (a) caesar fade: a Caesar cut on top with the sides and back faded. (b) caesar with a flip: a modified Caesar in which the bangs will be brushed up or back.
A hairstyle that is clippered short all the way up to the top of the sides and back of the head leaving hair long enough on top to put in a pony tail hanging of the shortly clipped back. synonyms samurai, coon skin cap.
Referring to the back of one’s hair when it is combed toward the center from the sides to resemble the back of a duck. synonym duck tail.
A haircut in which the lower portion of the scalp is bald (bald fade) or the hair clipped short enough to see the scalp and gradually get longer hence showing less scalp or no scalp. One must not be able to see any noticeable line that marks the shorter from the longer hair.
A hairstyle that can vary greatly in lengths but is worn parted in the middle sweeping to either side to resemble a bird’s feather.
A hairstyle that is cut to make the top look flat. There are many variations including a flat top with rounded edges, boxed, and tapered corners. Sometimes misnomered as a crew cut.
A cut in which the sides and back are at a 0 length or less all the way up to the crown. It may or may not be blended to the hair on top which is usually cut into a flat top or a buzz.
A very clean-cut style named for its popularity among men attending the "Ivy League" universities (Princeton, Harvard, Yale, et al). Generally, the hair is cut very short all over, gradually getting slightly longer in front. Enough hair is left to part and comb neatly. Many people have different ideas what this cut should look like, so be specific to your barber. synonyms Princeton.
Haircut a U.S. Marine is required to get once a week. The sides and back are at a 0 length or less and the top can be no longer than 3 inches. synonym Marine Reg variations (a) Low Reg: the 0 length is taken up just above the sideburn on the sides and under the occipital bone on the back of the head. (b) Medium Reg: 0 length is cut to the middle of the temple on the sides and slightly above the occipital bone in the back. (c) High Reg: 0 length is cut to the top of the temple, just below the crown on the sides and back.
Hair above the ears and around the neck shall be tapered from the lower natural hairline upwards at least 3/4 inch and outward not greater than 3/4 inch to blend with hairstyle. Hair on the back of the neck must not touch the collar. Hair shall be no longer than four inches and may not touch the ears, collar, extend below eyebrows when headgear is removed, show under front edge of headgear, or interfere with properly wearing military headgear.
The hair must present a tapered appearance. When the hair is combed, it will not fall over the ears or eyebrows, or touch the collar, except for the closely cut hair at the back of the neck. The block-cut fullness in the back is permitted to a moderate degree, as long as the tapered look is maintained.
A hairstyle that is short on the top and sides with the back left long. synonyms bi-level, soccer rocker, hockey hair, the Billy Ray Cyrus.
A longer version of the classic tapered haircut in which the hair is brushed back and secured with a liberal application of pomade. The pompadour was the signature haircut of Elvis and was quite popular by young "rebels" in the 1950s. variation psychopomp: a pompadour on top but the sides buzzed close or even to the skin straight up to the top. Tip: Do not call this cut a psychopomp with someone wearing it in your presence. Sometimes they do not like to be labeled.
A hairstyle that looks like a flat top from the side, but is round when looking at it from the front.
Any hairstyle that has a no defined line on the bottom of the back of one’s neck. Such as a business taper which is a business man’s cut with the neck tapered. 2 : Any hairstyle with no defined line around the hairline of the sideburns and back of the neck. 3 : A haircut that is sharply tapered from skin to hair at the temple and back of the neck to either long or buzzed hair. synonyms blowout (see #2 definition of blowout).

Work. From. Home.

Gettin' the hang of this whole work from home thing.
Thanks to Todd, Beata, Eric, Calvin and Julius.

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Barbershop Video Log
Tune In. Turn Up. Drop Out
  • +

    Slim's Barbershop (Updated)
    Primetime Commercial

    New commercial: Same schtick. It’s a throwback to the original but in 4K!

    by Slim the Barber  |  15 November 2021
  • +

    Styling a Pompadour

    Slim shares his secrets for getting some volume in your hair.

    by Slim the Barber  |  10 April 2021
  • +

    Styling a Psychopomp

    This haircut is one-third flat top, one-third pompadour and one-third high fade.

    by Slim the Barber  |  26 July 2015
  • +

    Slim the Barber's
    Haircut Education

    I totally borrowed the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas commercial framework for this promo. The song is "Major Lazer" by Original Don ft. The Party Squad. All photos and videos taken by me and edited by me.

    by Slim the Barber  |  11 November 2014
  • +

    Slim's Barbershop (Original)
    Primetime Commercial

    We have moved we are not at 107 N. Main St. Crystal Lake, IL. WE ARE NOW OPEN WED. Slim's 1st commercial. Shot edited and directed by Slim.

    by Slim the Barber  |  13 June 2008
  • +

    Slim's Barbershop
    "Unstoppable" Lip Sync

    Foxy Shazam's "Unstoppable" is the song we chose for a "Late Night With Tev Finger" lip sync contest that was required to showcase our haircutting skills as well as our lip sync skills. It is sponsored by Luxury Brands.

    by Slim, Greg & Adam  |  27 May 2016
Words to the Wise
After buying the fashions from Slims, I get all kinds of American girls.
Ali G
It’s great. Now that Adam’s gone, I can feel safe bringing my wife in the shop knowing she won’t be attracted to anyone there.
When I see a man wearing a Slim's Barbershop T, I want to get close to him and give him a good whiff.
Weezy Jefferson
Just when you thought that guy couldn’t get any weirder...
Anonymous Customer upon finding out Dean owned two caskets.
Slim's is where I go to get all my stuff and most of my things.
Ron Swanson
That guy’s got a real photogenic memory.
Ken Slimko
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